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At AntiHero Design, we pride ourselves on merging passion with expertise. Our seasoned team has honed its craft across multiple projects, culminating in an exceptional understanding of the VTuber realm. Discover the magic we’ve manifested in our curated showcase, where art and technology converge to create digital wonder. Your journey into the immersive world of VTubers starts here. Let our work inspire your vision.

T-shirt print design

Matthias Rex

The design was made for a project where historical figures were presented in a modern, superhero-themed setting.

Gameplay overlay

Shu Asu's world

The overlay design in the picture is part of a larger project we did for Shu Asu. A dystopian or near future cyperpunk aesthetic. The overall theme is dark, punk, dominant, casual without being messy and comfortable. The inset image is just a sample.

Character reference sheet design

Nymphae Lotus

The design features the character’s iconic looks from front and back, including their regular accessories. Detailed reference for future projects.

Digital painting

Avatar Speedpaint

Digitally painted character portrait featuring the client’s character, made to be used as an avatar.

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