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Model Specifications

Our rig features are selectively curated and will encompass:
💥  Multidirectional head movement (X, Y, Z axes)
💥  Torso articulation primarily in X and Z planes (with subtle forward and backward motion in the Y axis)
💥  Eyebrows with adjustable positioning (X, Y) and expression shapes
💥  Vowel-based lip synchronization for AEIOU sounds
💥  Full eye blinking capability
💥  Eye adjustments to prevent the “sleepy eye” effect
💥  Simulated breathing function
💥  Dynamic hair animation (side-to-side swaying, responsive bounce)
💥  Responsive bust movement
💥  Cloth animation reflecting natural sway and bounce
💥  Animated accessory movements

Included Facial Expressions:

Three foundational expressions are provided (fixed and non-customizable):
💥  Happy
💥  Sad
💥  UwU


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