A gif shows how a character design progresses from sketches and outlines to a high-detailed, professional illustration.

Pixel Persona

Professional Character Design

At Anti Hero Design, we pride ourselves on bringing your vision to life with our bespoke Character Design service. Whether you need a mascot for your stream, a personalized avatar, or any other unique character, our team of skilled designers is ready to craft a visual representation that captures the essence of your brand or personality.

About the working process

Our process is meticulous and collaborative, ensuring that the final design aligns perfectly with your vision. We start with a detailed briefing to understand your requirements and preferences, followed by sketching and developing concepts. You will be involved every step of the way, providing feedback and direction as we refine the design.

Note 1: On average, it takes 5 working hours to create a character. 

About the prices

Due to the varying complexity and detail required for each character, we charge an hourly rate of $80 for this service. This approach allows us to fairly compensate our designers for their time and effort, while also providing you with a cost-effective solution that matches the scope of your project.

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