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01. character design

Pixel Persona

Your virtual self deserves the limelight – from the quirks in character personality to the minutest design details, we shape your digital sona! Be it adorable or fierce, quirky or serious, we capture the essence that’s so undeniably you. Your story, personality, and flair – encapsulated in one design.

02. logo design

Identity Beacon

Dive into the digital realm with a logo that doesn’t just introduce you, but makes a statement. Our logo designs are tailored to your unique brand, ensuring you’re not just another face in the vast virtual sea. With AntiHero Design, your logo isn’t just a symbol; it’s a beacon of your identity. Let your logo be the first impression that lasts forever.

03. Banners

Your Stream’s Virtual Handshake

Our Banner service is designed to create eye-catching and memorable first impressions. From custom Twitch and YouTube banners to cohesive social media graphics, we’ve got you covered. Let your brand shine and captivate your audience from the first glance!

04. Overlays

Elevate Your Stream’s Visual Appeal

With our Overlays service, we’ll bring your stream to life by adding layers of visual interest. Custom overlays for gameplay, face cams, and more – all designed to complement your stream’s unique vibe and enhance the viewer experience. Let’s create an immersive world that keeps your audience coming back for more!

04. Panels and Buttons

Click Couture

Functionality meets aesthetics. Our panels and buttons are more than just navigational necessities. They’re meticulously designed pieces of art, ensuring every inch of your channel radiates the quality and professionalism you stand for. Make every click, a journey through style and precision.

05. Illustrations and Custom Assets

Digital Dreamscapes

Transform your abstract ideas into pixel-perfect realities. Whether it’s a detailed illustration or a custom asset you need, our artists paint your dreams on the digital canvas, giving them form, color, and life. Let us redefine the boundaries of imagination for you.

06. Scenes

Epic Entrances

Setting the right scene can make or break a stream. Our bespoke scenes are crafted to captivate, ensuring your content not only starts with a bang, but keeps your audience glued! With AntiHero, every entrance is epic, and every scene is a spectacle. Dive deep into atmospheres that tell stories before you even begin.

07. Backgrounds

Backdrop Brilliance

Why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? Our backgrounds ensure you’re always in the spotlight, no matter the scene or setting. Ditch the mundane and step into a world of vivid imagination with our tailor-made backgrounds. Every moment on-screen should be a visual masterpiece.

08. Live 2D

Fluid Fantasies

Break the boundaries of static visuals. With our Live 2D animations, immerse your audience in a dynamic dance of pixels that move, vibe, and resonate. If you’re looking to elevate your virtual presence, our Live 2D designs are your ticket to the next level. Experience animation that’s as alive as your spirit.

09. 3D models & rigs



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